Eleena, Financial Services, Philadelphia

"MagnusClass lifts the veil on the art world and gives you a framework to understand why some artists' careers take off, their artwork rising in value, while others fade away. Aspiring art collectors will gain great insight on how to enter the marketplace with a clear vision and strategy on how to buy art. A highlight of the course are Magnus' in-depth interviews with industry professionals such as art advisors, gallerists, dealers and experienced collectors, which provide current real-world perspectives on different aspects of collecting art."

Mathias, Founder Berlin / New York City

"I have no time but I didn’t want to buy IKEA artworks. The class moved fast - It's highly efficient. Like a crash course, a 101 of art collecting. What makes it so special is that it's based on data. I used Magnus' advice to buy works for my new apartment."

Maria, IBM, Mexico City

"Magnus provided me with the strategic lens, practical examples from the real world, and the frameworks to actually start my own collection. I feel more equiped to navigate the art world."

Claudio, LVMH, Paris

"I work in the luxury industry and was always curious about the art market as it intersects with my industry on many fronts. This course gave me a comprehensive insight into this fascinating industry - taught by a world-class expert. I can highly recommend it."

Maya, Co-Founder, Los Angeles 

"The material was thought-provoking, the lectures were engaging and the expert interviews were incredible. I utilized the concepts to buy my first art piece - only a few days after taking the class! I have bought more since then." 

Jennifer, Goldman Sachs, London

"For the first time in quite a while, I remembered how transformative an educational experience could be. I bought my first piece right after taking the class. Today I have multiple artworks - some already increased in value"

Mohammed, McKinsey, Mumbai

"I have been going to art events for a while and even have a modest collection of 10 artworks - it was incredible to see how strategically Magnus approaches the topic and conveys within hours what I learnt over decades."


Anna Skladman
Visual artist, London 

"This course offers a structured overview of the art market and lifts to offer a sobering approach to the art market today with statistics and Magnus’s insight knowledge. It allows you to find a way on how to navigate through this bubble and find your position in it. I can highly recommend it to any artist trying to pursue a professional career. " 

Julia Blythe Blanchard, 
Mixed Media Artist, NYC

"This course answered all the burning questions I had about succeeding in the art world, and also taught me things I didn't know I needed to know. I feel informed and prepared to lay out a more effective business strategy for my art practice."

Chris P.
Sculpturer & Painter, NYC

"Everyone who wants to become an artist should take this class. I have been an artist for most of my life. Magnus helped me to re-think my branding AND my relation to galleries. His analytical approach is brilliant."

Olya Schechter
Artist & Filmmaker, NYC

"I highly recommend Magnus Class. It gave me a deeper understanding of the art world and how to run a business as an artist. So many useful tools and data driven facts that make up the art landscape today. I think every artist must have this knowledge in order to be successful. Magnus is an amazing teacher!"

Jessie Salinas
Sculpturer & Painter, NYC

"As a young artist I thought I had the art world figured out, but after this course, I realized I lacked the most important skill in an art career, business management. Now I have complete confidence and clarity in how to direct my career in today's art market."

Anita Kontrec
Painter, Germany / Croatia

"MagnusClass is great support for all artists - Magnus provides you with necessary knowledge and tools showing you how to navigate art market. He is helping you to change your mind set and manage your career as professional artist. No matter what age or stage of your career you are right now, in his online class Magnus is teaching and - actually - coaching you how to re-think your position as artist and re-define your goals to become more successful. That is why I strongly recommend taking MagnusClass."

Sari Shryack, @not_sorry_art
Painter, Austin

"I’ve signed up for the premium package. I receive expert guidance on writing artist statements, commission agreements and cover letters, as well as interviews with some of the most influential names in the art world. Magnus’ conversations with top artists, gallerists and collectors provided me with crucial insight on the inner workings of a market that often seems abstract and out of reach. This class will open doors for any emerging artist."

Debra Zechowski
Painter, New York

"I cannot recommend the Magnus Class highly enough! It really is lifting the curtain on a very secretive and exclusive art market.  I have never felt more confident in being a professional artist.”

Tatjana Lee
Painter, Munich, Germany

"Der Kurs hat sich für mich gelohnt, weil ich gesehen habe, dass ich vieles richtig mache. Ich weiss jetzt, wo ich mich noch verbessern muss und kann gezielt vorgehen. Es ist sehr viel Information, weswegen ich froh bin, dass ich die Lektionen wiederholen kann. Die Dokumente sind sehr umfangreich und verschaffen Erleichterung. Ich empfehle den Kurs gerne weiter."

Apples Zhou
Painter, China 

"MagnusClass will give you a much more clear view of art market and super practical method to improve our career as an artist such as how to find a gallery, how to host a studio visit, how to make a sale, how to build a website, he made this into a couple of steps so it is so practical, so easy to do."

David Arms
Painter, NYC

"Just finished the MagnusClass. It's a very in-depth resource for anyone looking to get some answers on how to break into the fine art world. The course walks artists through every step we should be taking to bring our artwork to the world, find gallery representation and close sales. Cannot recommend enough!"


German weekly magazine

"Eine Kampfansage an alle traditionellen Kunsthochschulen." (Read article)

American art blog 

"MagnusClass is worth your money. It is packed with information essential to managing an art career. Your branding, marketing, networking, selling, and storytelling strategies will be more efficient after taking this course. You will walk away feeling prepared and informed, knowing all the right places to direct your efforts to make the most out of your art business." (Read article)

British art blog 

"MagnusClass is a brilliant online class that really helps artists to become more successful. It contains all the relevant subjects and content an artist needs to manage their career."
(Read article)

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