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Why do some artists flourish, while others struggle? Management Professor, art market entrepreneur and best-selling book author Magnus Resch reveals in over 50 video sessions the key to success as an artist. He will show you how to have a career in the field you love, and answer questions such as: how can I make a successful living from my artwork? How do I find gallery representation? How do I find collectors, and how should I approach them? How should I price my artwork? And what’s the best Instagram strategy?

The video sessions are supported by leading experts from the field, such as the world’s most renowned gallerists, collectors, artists and journalists. 

No requirements are necessary to take this course. 

 What you will learn:

  • Understand why some artists are successful and others aren’t 
  • Learn how to navigate the art market and identify its key players and the processes that are needed to market your work successfully.
  • Develop a marketing strategy and branding best suited to sell your work (without selling your soul)
  • Follow best practice examples on Instagram for selling your work online 
  • Learn how to organize your studio and manage your inventory

 Who this course is for:

  • Experienced artists wanting to learn more about successfully navigating today's art market  
  • Art lovers in other careers who want to change direction and become full time or part time artists
  • Art students who want to be prepared for a career in the art world
  • Art History students wanting to work in a gallery or auction house and trying to better understand the hidden mechanisms of the art market
  • Current age demographics: 50% are younger than 50 years old (art students or five to ten years after graduation), 50% are older than 50 years. 
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(33 Lectures)

Introduction to the Course and Professor
Definition of a Successful Artist
Change Your Mindset - Start by Setting Your Goals

Research Findings
What Makes an Artist Successful?
Implications & Gender Issues

Navigating Today's Art Market
Art Market History
Art Market Today - Trading Levels and Players
Art Market Data
Online Art Market Data

Artist Overview and Classification
Career Stages of an Artist
Artist Data

Art Gallery Overview and Classification
Key Gallerists in the World and How They Think
Gallery Data
Find Them: How to Find Gallery Representation
Deal with them: Working With a Gallery

Collector Overview and Classification
Key Collectors in the World and How They Think
Collector Data
Online Art Collector
Find Them: How to Find Your Collectors?
Sales Strategy: How to Convince Them to Buy Your Work
Open Your Studio

Journalist Overview and Classification
Key Journalists in the World and How They Think
Media Strategy: How to find the right journalists and talk to them

Your Brand & Pricing
Brand Strategy: Tell the Right Story
Price it Right: How to Price Your Artworks

Sell Your Art Online - Website, Instagram, Newsletters
Build a Website That Sells
Sell Art via Instagram
Send a Great Newsletter
Your Contact List


(10 Documents to download, including explanatory video)

Artist Statement

Consignment Agreement

Gallery Artist Representation Agreement

Inventory List

Sample Invoice

Certificate of Authenticity

Commission Agreement

Cover Letter for Grants & Residency Application

Image Porfolio



(10+ Interviews)

Elizabeth Dee

James Fuentes

Ellie Rines

Gregor Hildebrandt

Susan & Michael Hort

Lisa Schiff

William Powhida

Johann Koenig

Leah Schrager

Tim Bengel

Marilyn Minter

Sam Fraiberger

Frequently Asked Questions

In total there are 53 classes. This consists of 33 lectures, 10 documents plus explanatory videos and 10 expert interviews. This is 500 minutes of content!

Yes. Once you have signed up to the class, you can add personal sessions, as well. 

Yes. The benefit of this online class is that you can access all content, anytime. 

Yes. Download the "Kajabi" app and you will have access to this class. Kajabi is the system this masterclass is using to host the videos. There are NO additional charges. 
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No. It works with every computer, tablet, or mobil that has access to the internet.  

Yes. We offer a 15 days money back guarantee. Read these terms please (they are part of the Terms & Condition Agreement):

Our goal is to help you become a successful artist. We want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. We offer a 15-day refund period for purchases. However, in order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and implemented the advice and direction given to you. Please note, if you select the multiple payment plan option we are not able to stop payments without a refund request being approved.

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Requirement 1: Write down your key message

Requirement 2: Write down your goals (short terms and long term)

Requirement 3: Write down your mission

Requirement 4: Write down your vision

Requirement 5: Write down your artist statement

We will NOT provide refunds more than 15 days following the date of purchase. After day 15, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program. 

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**NOTE: Should you have finished more than 50% of the content - you waive your rights to request a refund for all and/or part of the course fees. Our internal software allows us to see how many minutes of the course you have watched. We track the exact minutes you watch, so if you stop a class and then continue a new class, we only track the actual time you spend watching.**

No. This is a non-degree online class. While its content has the level of a degree class, you won't receive a degree or credit points for this. We are working on getting accreditation. 

You cannot make any single or combined purchase of documents or expert interviews. Students find it helpful to study with these together.

Unfortunately, we only have an English version. Depending on demand we might offer other languages in the future. 

The book is an add on to the online course. Similar to a textbook in college, the book provides the key elements and concepts. Yet, the online course's content is more extensive, includes all documents to download, twice as many case studies, video interviews, more examples and explanations around core principles. 

Yes. We offer payment in installments. 

Yes. We are happy to send you an invoice. Please send your full contact details including VAT number (if available) to [email protected]


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