Hi, my name is Magnus Resch. I am a professor in art management. 
I offer two courses: One for artists to help them sell more artworks. And one for new collectors to help them build a collection.
If want to speak to me immediately, you can also purchase a one-on-one session. 

For Artists
For Collectors
For Book Readers
Private Session with Magnus


FOR ARTISTS: How To Become A Successful Artist

The #1 management course for fine artists - in all disciplines and age groups.

  • Understand why some artists are successful and others aren’t 
  • Find gallery representation 
  • Learn how to write an artist statement and develop a marketing strategy
  • Follow best practice examples on Instagram for selling your work online 

No requirements are necessary. It's for beginners and professionals. 50% of the current student body are above 45 years.


FOR COLLECTORS: How To Start An Art Collection

The must-have course for everyone who wants to start an art collection.  

  • Understand how to build and grow an art collection
  • Identify artists to invest in  
  • Navigate the art market and identify its key players
  • Understand what tools you can use to manage your collection
  • Identify fakes and forgeries easily
  • Understand NFT Art And Blockchain

No requirements are necessary. It's for beginners and experienced collectors. 



Magnus Resch, PhD, is one of the world’s leading experts in art management. 

  • Lectures art management at Yale School of Management, previously Columbia University, University of St. Gallen, Sotheby's Institute of Art 
  • Founder of the Magnus App, which works like Shazam for Art. Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor and advisor to the company
  • Holds a PhD in art economics and studied economics at Harvard, the London School of Economics and the University of St. Gallen
  • Bestselling author of six books on the art market, including "How To Become A Successful Artist" (Phaidon), “100 Secrets of the Art World” (Koenig) and "Management of Art Galleries" (Phaidon)
  • In 2018 he published an academic study in Science, the world's leading journal. Topic: What makes an artist successful? 
  • Has been featured in over 300 magazines, including the New York Times, WSJ, Vanity Fair and the Financial Times
Who Is Magnus?


Data driven

Magnus' teaching approach is unique. As an economist and tech entrepreneur he believes that data should be at the core of any analysis. Combining it with years of art market experience gives his teaching depth and authenticity. 


Magnus has been teaching art management at leading business universities for almost 10 years. Globally, he is considered as one of the leaders in the field. Students describe his teaching as entertaining, fun and motivating. 


Your time is valuable. This course gives you the fundamentals and core principles - in the shortest period of time. Magnus communicates direct, to the point, honest and clear. 

"His course for artists answered all the burning questions I had about succeeding in the art world, and also taught me things I didn't know I needed to know. I feel informed and prepared to lay out a more effective business strategy for my art practice."

Julia Blythe Blanchard, New York
Mixed Media Artist

"Magnus' teaching is brilliant. He's clear and precise. His lectures helped me to re-think my branding AND my relation to galleries. His analytical approach is brilliant."

Chris P., New York
Painter & Sculpturer

"I bought the class for art collectors and have been listening to it while I'm eating, driving, waiting. It's inspiring to finally understand how the art world works. "

Julia C., Los Angeles
Marketing Manager

"As a young artist I thought I had the art world figured out, but after this course, I realized I lacked the most important skill in an art career, business management. Now I have complete confidence and clarity in how to direct my career in today's art market"

Jessie Salinas, New York
Painter & Sculpturer

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